How Hippo Keysafe Works

Hippo Keysafe - The ideal solution for multiple deliveries or returns when away from home

Hippo KeysafeBoth our customers and delivery drivers appreciate the simplicity of the 'push-to-lock' system on our Hippo Boxes, as there is no need for complex key management systems or code numbers. However, there are also times when customers shopping online will need to return items, and these items will need to be kept secure until collected. To solve this problem, we supply key safes, in which customers can leave their Hippo Box key securely, allowing delivery companies to make collections as well as deliveries. In addition to this, the key safe also allows the boxes to be used for multiple deliveries in one day.

Set the Hippo Dropbox as normal and receive your first delivery.

When the second delivery is made, the delivery driver uses the key safe to open the Hippo Dropbox. You provide the codeto the delivery company at the point of ordering. 
This process can be repeated multiple times without you needing to empty the Hippo Dropbox between deliveries.

                                                                The key box works with a numeric combination – which you can change as often as you wish.

                                                                 the Hippo Keysafe in use

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