How Hippobox Works

Say Goodbye to all those 'we called while you were out' cards! No more waiting in for the delivery company!

Hippo DropboxThe Concept
The Hippo Box is left with the door closed but unlocked until the delivery company arrives. Once they have placed your delivery inside the box, they simply shut the door and press the lock. Everything is then secure until you unlock it with the key provided to you.

The step-by-step guide to the home delivery solution - read this section, or watch the video below

Place an order. If you can, tell the company you have a Hippo Box. This will allow them to add this to the delivery address details - ensuring the delivery driver looks out for your box.

On the day you are expecting your delivery, make sure the
Hippo Box door is closed, but unlocked. Now you can leave the house happy in the knowledge that your delivery can be made securely.

delivery to Hippobox
The delivery company makes delivery of your new purchase into the Hippo Box, scans the barcode as proof of delivery and having closed the door, pushes in the lock. Your goods are now secure.

You come home and unlock the Hippo Box with your unique personal key.

You enjoy your new purchase. ...And remember to keep your Hippo Box unlocked ready for your next delivery. 

retrieving your parcel from the HippoboxArranging Delivery to your Hippo Box
We are often asked, "Will delivery companies use Hippo Boxes? The simple answer is yes, hundreds of deliveries to boxes are made every day and we have lost count on the number of delivery drivers who have asked, "Why doesn't everyone get one of these boxes?" (A sentiment we thoroughly endorse!). However, some companies may require specific instructions to do so from the company sending the goods to you.

When courier/ delivery companies set-up contracts with retailers, terms of delivery are generally set against specific time frames, e.g. next day delivery and type of delivery, such as with signature (known as POD) or without signature.

If delivering into a Hippo Box is at variance with the standard terms of the contract from the shipper, the delivery company may want specific instructions to do so. To ensure this happens you need to state when you place your order that, if you are out, you want delivery made to your Hippo Box. All companies trading on the internet should offer you the ability to give instructions when placing an order - not to do so is to fail to meet IMRG trading and delivery standards.

Note: Royal Mail have now introduced 'Royal Mail Tracked', which gives customers the option to state exactly where they want their parcel left. So now you will be given a field on the order page to state you want the parcel put into your Hippo Box and then you can follow your delivery all the way.

Use For Mail Too!
You can also use your Hippo Box as a traditional Post Box, simply leave it locked and the letterbox slot can be used just like a normal post box - ideal if you are going away on holiday and don't want post building -up in the hall, which can be a real give-away to thieves if you have a glass front door or porch.

Hippo Box Window Signs: Let your courier know where your box is - Click for printable page

More about using your Hippobox- Barcodes & Security 

Good for the environment too!
It is estimated that a staggering 60% of package deliveries fail the first time the delivery driver or postman tries to deliver them. So by reducing failed deliveries, the Hippo Box prevents wasted journeys, helps reduce traffic congestion and so reduces the 'carbon footprint' of owners and delivery companies.

All the benefits of online shopping without the hassles

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