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Fed up of receiving sorry we missed you cards - Hippo Box can sign for a delivery when you're out!  
the delivery driver sees the barcodeWe have enhanced the functionality of the Hippo Box by offering a simple and practical solution to the problem of 'signature on receipt'. There is now a barcode and PIN attached to the interior of every hippo box. The barcode will contain a code that is unique to them and fully compatible with the majority of courier companies' HHT (handheld terminal) systems. In cases where companies operate paper-based systems, the customer will be able to add three numbers to the pre-printed PIN number to create a unique number for each specific delivery.

Now when a delivery is made the driver simply holds their handheld terminal to the barcode attached to the door of your Hippo Box. The terminal reads and logs the number for proof of delivery (POD).

the courier scans the barcode with his handheld terminal as proof of deliveryIf the delivery company does not use barcode readers they instead key in the unique PIN to their handheld terminal. As you can see from the image, the last three digits of the PIN are for the client to write in using a marker pen, ensuring that the number is unique to each household.

Providing a solution to the POD problem will not only help courier companies significantly reduce their costs - the solution should also help to further expand the home shopping market, as 49% of people state that they currently never home shop because of the hassle associated with delivery. (Source: BRMB Research).


High Security Lockhigh security lock The two keys you will receive will be unique to your box. The Hippo Box is fitted with a Lowe & Fletcher "push-to-lock" security lock, which offers exceptional resistance to manipulation (picking).

Hippo Boxes don't walk!
Security bolts are supplied for you to attach the Hippo Box to your property, ensuring that your parcels are secure once they have been locked inside the box. The boxes can also be secured to the ground or a post.

Peace of mind
Your Hippo Box and its contents will usually be covered by your home contents insurance, as they are classified as 'secure outbuildings'. So in the unlikely event that someone does break into your Hippo Box (and we are not aware of any instance of this happening), you will be fully covered for any loss. Please check with your insurance company that your policy gives this protection.

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