How is the box delivered to me?
Your Hippo Box will be delivered to you by a leading international distribution company. We will contact you prior to dispatching your box to arrange convenient delivery.

The Hippo Box isn't refrigerated, why not?
To make the box as a fridge would make it more complicated and expensive, including the need to lay-on an electrical supply. It is large enough for you to leave a cool box inside it for 'cool goods' to be deposited for a short time. We will monitor customer demand for a refrigerated box for the future. 

Some delivery companies require a signature on delivery, how do I deal with this?
The Hippo box is now supplied with its own unique barcode which fits inside the door. Delivery drivers can scan the barcode or record the number in lieu of a signature as proof of delivery. 

The Hippo Box is green or black - can I change the colour?
Green remains the most popular colour, but we do offer the alternative of all black. You may repaint the box yourself if you wish, but we cannot guarantee how long another paint will 'hold' or last against the effects of the weather. 

Will the keys be unique to my Hippo Box, or is there a danger that someone else in my street will have the same one?
There's no need to worry about this - your box is fitted with a Lowe & Fletcher high security lock and the keys are unique to every 10,000 boxes. In addition, our distribution system ensures that no two matching keys will go to the same area.

Is the box heavy?
Whilst the box is made of high quality materials to ensure its security integrity, it is not so heavy as to require a number of people to move it into position. One person can easily install it on their own. The King Hippo weighs 25 kilos, the Standard Hippo 20 kilos, and the Baby Hippo 8 kilos.

As the box is locked when the first delivery is completed, this means it can only take one delivery before I open it again?
If you just have a Hippo on its own yes, this is enough for most customers and is really simple for you and for the delivery companies. If, however, you want multiple deliveries or want collections to be made from your box, this can be achieved by also buying a key safe box to leave your key safely for multiple uses. (But remember, with its mail slot your box can still take delivery of post even when it's locked)

Why don't I see Hippo Boxes on sale in shops or in catalogues?
Whilst we have been approached by retailers and catalogue companies to sell our boxes, most have demanded unrealistic trading terms which 'mark-up' the boxes with enormous profit margins. Such trading terms aren't good for us or you - the customer. By buying direct, you get direct service and a much better price.

If my box is broken into, is it covered by insurance?
As we have said, the box is designed to make it extremely difficult for a thief to get into. However, for your peace of mind, you should find that many household insurance policies will classify the Hippo Box as an outbuilding and therefore you will be covered. Please check with your own insurance company that this is so in your case. If it isn't, then they should be able to extend your policy for a small payment. 

What happens if an animal such as my cat gets into the box and gets trapped inside?
The Hippo Box has air-holes in the top of the box under the canopy and at the back of the canopy. These allow an air-flow through the box, whilst still keeping it resistant to penetration by rain or snow. We would, however, emphasise that the Hippo Box is not a toy and children should be discouraged from playing with it.

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